Gambling: Bavaria Introduces Implementation Law

The new German State Treaty on Gambling applies to all of Germany. Nevertheless, the individual federal states must convert the rules anchored in them into their own law. Bavaria passed the implementation law a few days ago.

In some cases, the federal states could decide for themselves whether and which rules should be adopted from the State Treaty on Gambling. Bavaria, for example, decided to adopt the required minimum distance between the arcades and casinos . Some federal states were against the minimum distance, as several casinos would have to be closed. Such closures result in the layoff of employees.

Bavaria leaves it at a distance of 350 meters between the individual gambling venues. Industry associations had asked to reduce the minimum distance to prevent layoffs. Bavaria did not agree to this, while North Rhine-Westphalia reduced the distance to 100 meters .

The implementation law for Bavaria also stipulates that the online casinos and gambling halls must connect to OASIS on site . This is the player lock file that a casino operator must always have a look at before a customer enters the casino. After all, the player could be banned or he has already exceeded his monthly wagering limit.

Online gambling is regulated by implementation law

The implementation law decides how online gambling will work in the future. Exact details have not yet been released. A press release announced that online gambling should now be regulated. From now on all gambling fans can legally challenge their luck. Player protection comes first. But the Bavarian government also thought of the gambling halls and would like to issue three new licenses . In this way the preservation of the gambling halls is to be ensured.

However, in order to bring both ideas together, several restructurings have to be made. This is the only way to secure the gambling halls and guarantee a high level of player protection. However, not everyone sees it that way and there is criticism from government circles. The Greens abstained from voting and indicated during the meeting that they would agree with the law on a number of points. A few other points, however, would not have been adequately discussed. For example, the Greens called for a distance between gambling halls and schools. Merely a distance between the individual business premises would not be sufficient.

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